The Perfect Piece of Jewelry

The wonderful and fun thing about jewelry is choosing it and feeling fantastic when you wear it, to make the most of both your inner and outer beauty. Anyone can wear jewelry, however some styles that are flattering to some, might not look right on others.

The shape and size of the necklace or bracelet needs to be considered. It’s easy to get so caught up in matching jewelry with current fashion trends that you forget that, like clothing, jewelry needs to fit, too. When it doesn’t, your whole look can be thrown off kilter.

One’s neck and wrists are beautiful parts of the body; Necklaces have to work with your face, neck and bust, all at once. Bracelets draw attention to your wrists and should be delicate if you have a delicate figure. Narrow bands and bangles are great choices for petite women.

Chunkier styles look better on larger figures, longer styles draw the eye downward elongating your height. Pieces with larger stones and/or thicker chains are also preferable to small, delicate pieces for fuller figures. Choker necklaces can work to make you look shorter. A petite person may not look so good in large size jewelry.

The sparkle of gemstones and the sway of dangling earrings draw immediate attention to the face and can either emphasize or de-emphasize different areas. Small settings get lost under long hair. If your face is long or rectangular-shaped you don’t want to wear longer dangling earrings as this will tend to elongate your face. Stick with smaller studs to match your face shape.

The perfect piece of jewelry can make you feel protected and empowered. You can accentuate your best features with jewelry, just as you would with clothes or makeup.



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What is Couture?

I design Art Couture garments that I sell exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. I have shown there on the 4th floor in the Evening Department for 12 years. My pieces are collectible and make a statement – bold and unique jackets, caftans and coats that are full of color, glimmer and textured elements. People love to see elegant beauty that is one of a kind.

Everything I design is made with love, creativity and innovation to accentuate the beauty of the woman’s true essence, designed to evoke an ethereal goddess look, to have magical powers to lift your spirits, flatter your figure and make you feel beautiful. I specialize in making custom orders, exclusive hand-made, high-fashion confections.

Amy Zerner couture caftan

What is COUTURE?

The term “haute couture” comes from the French language. Haute means “high” or “elegant”, Couture means “sewing” or “dressmaking”. Now the term Haute Couture is also used loosely to describe all high-fashion custom-fitted clothing.

The couturier Charles Frederick Worth (October 13, 1826–March 10, 1895), is widely considered the father of haute couture as it is known today. Revolutionizing how dressmaking had been previously perceived, Worth made it so the dressmaker became the artist of garnishment: a fashion designer. While he created one-of-a-kind designs to please some of his titled or wealthy customers, he is best known for preparing a portfolio of designs that were shown on live models at the House of Worth.

House of Worth

Following in Worth’s footsteps were Patou, Poiret, Vionnet, Fortuny, Lanvin, Chanel, Schiaparelli, Balenciaga, and Dior. Some of these fashion houses exist today, under the leadership of modern designers.

Balenciaga jacket

In the 1960s a group of young designers who had trained under people like Dior and Balenciaga left these established couture houses and opened their own establishments. The most successful of these young designers were Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, André Courrèges, and Emanuel Ungaro. Japanese native and Paris-based Hanae Mori was also successful in establishing her own line.

For all these fashion houses, custom clothing is no longer the main source of income, often costing much more than it earns through direct sales; it only adds the aura of fashion to their ventures in ready-to-wear clothing and related luxury products such as shoes and perfumes, and licensing ventures that earn greater returns for the company.

I am inspired by those great designers, and have collected vintage pieces since the sixties. I have also studied metaphysics for several decades and have written many popular books and oracles with my husband, Monte Farber, so there is a lot of symbolism in my designs. The thing that is most important to me when designing, is personalizing the artistry of the garments we place upon our bodies. When you look at the history of most cultures, every piece and detail of clothing had a meaning. Although practical and needed, mass-produced clothes are made in a factory. Hand made couture is really special and it is art. It’s important that the world doesn’t let that go in fashion.

Amy Zerner gold jacket

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Winter Solstice is of course, the longest night and shortest day of the year. Solstice in Latin actually means “The Sun Stands Still.” And so it is — the Sun has stopped retreating but hasn’t yet begun to come back. As I’ve discovered more about the Winter Solstice, I’ve learned that different cultures around the world have honored the Sun and its rebirth.

For instance in India, Pongol is the Hindu Solstice celebration. The Hopi Indians have a ritual where they light fires to energize and entice the safe return of “The Light.” In Japan, Winter Solstice is a time when the Sun Goddess Amaterasu would come out of her cave. Hanukkah actually means “Festival of Lights.” And Christians around the world celebrate Christmas, a time when the Christ child brings back light and a renewal of hope to the world.

Today, many people celebrate the holidays of the season — Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa — without thinking about their Winter Solstice origins. In fact, most of the holiday customs and traditions of December — miraculous events, giving gifts, celebrating with family, decorating with lights, pine cones, Yule logs, even the colors white, red and green — are actually connected to ancient Winter Solstice celebrations.

We like to say a special prayer to “Welcome the Return of Light.” It goes like this:

May darkness give way to Light.

We are awake within the Night.

Turn the Wheel to bring the Light.

With the powers of Fire, Air, Water and Earth,

We welcome the Light.

Strengthen our hope.

Fill us with Peace.

Each flame is a reminder of the Life force.

art & words (c) Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

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I love to ask this question! Knowing a person’s Sun Sign can tell so much about them, and it is such a fun conversation starter.

Your astrology sign can determine a lot about your personality and characteristics. Those born under the sign of Aries, for instance, tend to be brave and headstrong, while those born under the Pisces sign are usually empathic and dreamy.

For my AMY ZERNER  Astrology line, I drew my knowledge of the signs from my 35 year study of the subject, and, along with my designer’s eye, created a special line of astrology talismans. I channeled the powerful energy of the specific traits of each sign into both drawings and words, making my pendants reversible, to wear either way. Buy them here


The knowledge we gain based on the study of astrology can help us understand ourselves, plan our lives and understand those we love. But we should remember that astrology does not mean that our lives are set in stone. There will always be an element of free will that is part of the equation. As Paracelsus once said, “The stars incline; they do not compel.”

My husband Monte Farber and I have written many best-selling books and oracles about astrology, tarot and alchemy, so I feel I am uniquely qualified to come up with a special take on a line of astrology jewelry. I am also a couture fashion designer, and so have combined these two talents into one with my Amy Zerner Astrology Collection.

Soooo, what’s your sign? I am an Aries!

Here is Monte & my newest book,


OSbookAnd our Astrology Gems are available as ebooks here


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How to Wear a Caftan

I design many couture caftans for Bergdorf Goodman. I love working with the fabrics and shimmering hand beaded embellishments to create these timeless goddess garments. A beautiful caftan creates a very glamorous look, and can be a head-turner, with a very minimal amount of effort. Flattering, flowing, free and very feminine, the caftan is one of those articles of clothing that will never go out of style. It is also very forgiving and looks good on every body type. A pretty caftan can work for home entertaining, or can be dressed up for a night out, ideal for a summer garden party or on vacation over cocktails at sunset.


So don’t be afraid to try the flowing goddess look! Here is some fashion advice, when choosing a caftan:

  •  Always choose a caftan with the right length. If the dress touches the ground it will drag and ruin the fabric.
  • If you have a wider waist and want to look slimmer, choose an empire style, which will flare out from under your bust and make your waist and hips look smaller.
  • If you are a more petite woman, don’t choose very large prints or patterns, as they will swamp a small frame. Instead, go for a smaller and more delicate pattern or a solid color.
  • When it comes to accessorizing your maxi dress with jewelry, bigger is better. Small and delicate necklaces just don’t get noticed against a caftan. Try bold pieces.
  • To make your caftan glamorous for a night out, wear a pair of metallic high heeled strappy sandals with a bit of sparkle.
  • If you need a coverup to keep warm when going out, wear a silky wrap or shawl that adds a contrast to the color of the gown.


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Which Stone Are You Drawn To?

IMG_4071 Citrine

The citrine may attract you when greater self-confidence and self-esteem are needed. If this is true now, heal your relationship with your father or other authority figures. Make sure to get enough rest and have some fun. If you have lots of ideas but can’t seem to materialize them, then citrine may give you the security and power you need to feel you deserve to manifest your ideas.


Agate may attract you if you are drawn to connect to nature and nature spirits. If you want to want to understand yourself better, then agate can help you to understand the self while strengthening self-esteem. Also, if you feel sad, agate will help you get through and look to tomorrow as a better, brighter day. You may need the strength of agate to carry on.


Malachite may attract you when success with money and investments is near. Let your past successes empower you. Do not dwell on past disappointments; just learn from them. What we do not have are things we fear or do not understand yet. If you have low self-esteem and feel you don’t deserve success or abundance, then malachite can help boost and balance an inadequate sense of self.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz may attract you when compassion and generosity need to be shown. It may also appear when healing and forgiveness are needed. If this is so, start by forgiving yourself and others. From forgiveness can come a path for healing. If you are intolerant of others, then rose quartz addresses the intolerance we feel toward those people who mirror what we view as our own faults.


Turquoise may attract you when you are neglecting your development on the spiritual level. It is time to take action to restore your faith. Miracles can be seen every day. Turquoise can help you not to be too distracted by past sorrows. If you have lots of ideas but it is difficult for you to express them, turquoise helps you to clarify ideas—and to access the help of others to realize them.


Carnelian may attract you when it is necessary for you to look below the surface of things in order to know what is really going on. You may soon be giving birth to a new project or fleshing out an existing one. If you have a hard time making decisions or need to focus, carnelian helps you to be grounded in the present and to realize your current needs.


Lapis may attract you to when success in business and other worldly pursuits is near. Keep all methods for moving people, things, and information as direct and simple as possible. Lapis can help you build the cooperation that produces wealth. If you would like to be more successful with your ideas, choose lapis for feeling confident about using your unique inventiveness.


Opal may attract you when a time of luck and good fortune is near. If you refrain from criticizing unless you have a plan to improve the situation, you may enjoy new degrees of pleasure and romance. Ruffled feathers can be smoothed. If you wish you could express yourself more artistically, then choose opal for its ability to help balance the logical, practical, and intuitive or visionary sides of the brain.


Amethyst may attract you when seemingly magical things are about to happen, when a deep and soulful experience is present. Take a few moments to breathe calmly and focus your attention on your breathing. Let all thoughts drift away like clouds. If you would like more serenity in your life, then amethyst is the most recommended stone for stress relief.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz may attract you when there is a need for clarity and purity. Clear your mind of all worries and anxiety. You do not need to know the future now, only that you will be able to handle whatever comes. Live fully in the moment. If you have goals but find it difficult to get from where you are to where you want to be, then clear quartz has the most focused energy and is the most powerful crystal to program for goals.


Obsidian may attract you when it is time to clear away the old to make way for the new. If negative thoughts and actions are blocking you, try to let each one you encounter remind you to think and act positively. Do not resist change. If you wish you could know what’s preventing you from having what you want, then obsidian helps to bring the hidden to the surface. Be sure you want to know!


Garnet is a stone of purity and truth; it may attract you when there is about to be success from what you believe in passionately. It can also mean that sparks of sexual energy may soon fly. The garnet is a symbol of love and compassion. It may also put you in touch with your animal instincts, enabling you to feel secure and act with their pure body wisdom.


Hematite may attract you when you need to be more organized. It aids logical thinking and planning. If you calm your mind, it will also improve your memory. Hematite also opens the pathways that lead to practical insights and decisions. Hematite helps to deflect negativity. If you find that you pick up on other people’s moods, then hematite can help you to deflect, rather than absorb, the moods of others.


Amber will attract you when you need calming of your anxiety. It helps to keep you centered and increases knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment. Try not to absorb negative energy from others. Amber has a powerful connection to the Earth, and therefore it is a great grounding tool. If you are feeling stressed, amber helps with any kind of emotional turmoil.


Jade may attract you when you need a peaceful healing of your emotions. It has a calming effect, enhancing the meditative state and creating pure thoughts, spiritual insight, and nurturing. Wearing jade helps to control the temperament and gives strength during periods of great activity.

(c) Amy Zerner & Monte Farber from our book Healing Crystals

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You can buy my Black Crystal Snake Ring here


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