About Amy Zerner


The Fusion of Art & Fashion

When those in the know want to adorn themselves with award-winning artist/designer Amy Zerner’s exquisite fashions, they know where to go and what to do: take a trip to New York City’s ultra-chic Bergdorf Goodman, where Amy’s gorgeous and sophisticated one-of-a-kind pieces are an exclusive fashion secret – legendary goddesses such as Liz Taylor, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Patti LaBelle, Goldie Hawn, and Shirley MacLaine all own Amy’s creations.

Amy Zerner’s creations aren’t just about the latest trends – they are a timeless style concept all their own. Being a goddess is about belief in one’s self, having an attitude of gratitude, and choosing unique fashions and accessories that have an uplifting energy that can embrace, enhance and empower one’s individuality.

Amy is one of the leading collage artists in the world. She uses an appliquéd palette of found materials, vintage textiles and amulets to make her worlds of wonder rich with layers of meaning and imagination. Each and every one of her creations is a work of fine art that comes to life when worn, wrapping her collectors in a protective healing energy that allows their inner beauty to emerge.

Amy’s intricate collages also appear throughout the forty-five best-selling books she has co-created with her husband, author and renown psychic and intuitive counselor Monte Farber, with over two million copies of their work in print around the world in fourteen languages. A coffee-table art book is available, titled Paradise Found: The Visionary Art of Amy Zerner.

There’s special meaning for every one of Amy Zerner’s goddess jackets, caftans, jewelry pieces, and accessories. Amy’s designs can brighten your world because they are not only romantic, expressive, and free-spirited – they are special pieces that are truly art-to-wear. Each garment is imbued with the same dazzling colorations, magical patterns, jeweled details and fantasy images that earned her a prestigious United States National Endowment for the Arts major fellowship.

Amy’s versatile and reversible silk georgette tops, pants, skirts and dresses in radiant colors are designed to mix and match perfectly with her signature jacket styles. Her comfortable styles are easy-to-wear and are flattering to any woman’s shape and size. Her designs, colors and patterns are gracefully chic and exquisitely tailored, and will effortlessly integrate with other contemporary clothing pieces to create unconventional, dreamy combinations with a special charm.

Website: www.TheEnchantedWorld.com

PATTI LABELLE on Amy Zerner Couture-

“All of Amy pieces are simply divine! None of my words can adequately describe their beauty and uniqueness! It’s as if they speak to your soul! They are definitely healing garments, every time I wear one it is an uplifting experience. Amy made me a special entrance coat to wear on stage and I must tell you…every time I wear it the audience goes wild! I keep my back to the audience for about 5 minutes so that they can get a chance to take it all in. I def feel like a queen when I wear it! Her pieces give me a better understanding of how richly ornamented and special Joseph’s coat of many colors (Genesis) had to be. They are all poetic works of art!”

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