Twinkle, twinkle you’re a star!

The holidays make it fun to dress up in glittering, glamorous, gossamer outfits. Accentuate your inner sparkle with a little bit of shimmer. If you’re headed to a holiday party in the coming weeks, stand out with sequins that reflect love, light and laughter. A sequin ensemble or accent piece creates the perfect holiday look that will have you glowing all season long.

Shiny clothes are just plain fun to put on! I love sparkle and sparkly clothes. I love sparkly anything! I design clothes that glow: luxury women’s wear that combines classic, feminine shapes with striking fabrics and embellishments. Sequins, beads and metallics can add a whole lot of drama to your look.

Why do women like sparkles? It’s almost innate. But many of us lose our inner sparkle as we hit the painful challenges of life, and that happy light that shone so brightly begins to dim a bit.
It’s so easy to forget that we ALL have inner sparkle. Sometimes we forget who we really are. We forget to be ourselves. And then our inner sparkle disappears. Why not, just for fun, give a playful boost to your inner light by mixing some glitter and sparkle into your wardrobe – can be anything from a starry night–on-the-town twinkle to a more understated shimmer.

Whether you’re going for a subtle radiance or a vivacious va-va-va-voom, there’s no reason not to shine!

Here are some of my sparkle and shine designs:


img_1846 img_1492 img_1040 img_0676 img_0195



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