I just completed this special commission tapestry for one of my favorite collectors. She is in the process of transitioning to the other side and she is a true inspiration, handling her situation with such spiritual grace and dignity. I was honored and very touched to create this piece and so pleased that she loves it – it has a beautiful, feminine energy, while so strong and solid, grounding and universal. Beauty as Balance. It truly has been a joy creating pieces for and with her. Her special commissions have always propelled me into new creative territory and she has been a dear friend as well as a patron of my art. She knows it it the last piece I will make for her (she has a collection of 20 of my garments & tapestries). She requested that the image include sacred geometry, the flower of life, circles, spirals, purples,golds, pinks, and greens, and a lot of white. She wants it to be titled “Enlightenment”.

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