Dress Like a Goddess

Once upon a time, there was a goddess who searched everywhere for an empowering garment worthy of her inner beauty, that would be the perfect style, color and fit her personality. She desired an outfit with sophisticated combinations of details, such as delicate gossamer silks and glimmers of metallic threads to catch the light in the eyes of those she loved. It had to highlight her individuality and offer protection, and, most impressively, be comfortable and be able to fold up easily and travel to distant lands. While on her quest, she came across a creation that not only featured exactly what she’d been searching for, but also  had a rare and elegant decorative trim, and a swing to it when she walked. After she adorned herself in her dream dress and placed her power amulet around her neck, she jaunted off to her enchanted realm for more love, fun, magic and happiness, ever after!

Couture Goddess Gown by Amy Zerner available at Bergdorf Goodman, 4th floor Evening Dept., Tel: 212.872.2863 or www.AmyZerner.com

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