Charmed by Jewelry

Throughout my life I’ve made jewelry for myself – putting together something with the mix of materials that I found in thrift shops and flea markets, or re-using old beads and findings from my grandmother’s necklaces. Her best friend managed a jewelry store in New York City, so she had quite a collection. I have always had an extensive trove of buttons, charms, pins, and vintage jewelry, treasures to be mined for my collage art or to be carefully re-assembled into some new adornment.

As a child I adored peeking into the treasures in my mothers jewelry box. She had a choice selection of special gifts from my father, who had great taste: elegant lapis dangle earrings, Italian glass beaded necklace, topaz brooches, pearls.

As an artist and an author for over 30 years, I have always  been drawn to multi-cultural myths.  My talents became rooted in the healing process of envisioning wearable art pieces of jewelry and fashion that can protect and affirm, so I incorporate traditional symbols to convey those qualities. Combining line, texture and form, metaphysics, plus my gift for intuitive readings of people, I work to create power pieces that embody dreams and magic.

My tarot, astrology and goddess jewelry in silver

I design for myself and my friends – dynamic, free-spirited, soulful goddesses who are individualistic and who want to show it off.  When I first started making my newest line of jewelry, it became an exploration of themes, translating concepts from my spiritual belief system into wearable forms. I want my pieces to be practical, easy to wear,  so that they can be everyday pieces or worn for special occasions.

Jewelry holds the treasure of memories. Each piece has passion and character of it’s own – especially when it becomes part of you and your collection.With every piece there is a story, a history and mystery.

My Swan Nest necklace and earring designs

(c) Amy Zerner

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