The Art of Layering

There is an art to layering necklaces. I love the magic and meaning of the symbols I create with my designs, and I like to wear them simultaneously. Interesting finishes, mystical charms and vintage designs speak to me, and these characteristics are strongly visible throughout my jewelry collection. There are no rules, but here are my eight secrets of layering to create a cohesive look. Just make sure you choose pieces carefully for balance.
1. Mixing metals such as gold and silver in varying shades creates diversity.

2. Adjustable clasps and hooks are a plus when layering. That way you can adjust to the appropriate length.

3. The chains should be of varying lengths and staggered.

4. Mixing media like gems and beads adds texture.

5. To create a put-together look, use a combination of elements that brings the pieces together – either an antique look, or shape or color.

6. Don’t be afraid to mix new with old, real with imitation.

7. Above all, your choices should be comfortable and feel good against your skin.

8. Have fun with it!

I’ve posted some examples on my models, showing my necklaces in layered looks.

All photos (c) Monte Farber

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