Twinkle, twinkle you’re a star!

The holidays make it fun to dress up in glittering, glamorous, gossamer outfits. Accentuate your inner sparkle with a little bit of shimmer. If you’re headed to a holiday party in the coming weeks, stand out with sequins that reflect love, light and laughter. A sequin ensemble or accent piece creates the perfect holiday look that will have you glowing all season long.

Shiny clothes are just plain fun to put on! I love sparkle and sparkly clothes. I love sparkly anything! I design clothes that glow: luxury women’s wear that combines classic, feminine shapes with striking fabrics and embellishments. Sequins, beads and metallics can add a whole lot of drama to your look.

Why do women like sparkles? It’s almost innate. But many of us lose our inner sparkle as we hit the painful challenges of life, and that happy light that shone so brightly begins to dim a bit.
It’s so easy to forget that we ALL have inner sparkle. Sometimes we forget who we really are. We forget to be ourselves. And then our inner sparkle disappears. Why not, just for fun, give a playful boost to your inner light by mixing some glitter and sparkle into your wardrobe – can be anything from a starry night–on-the-town twinkle to a more understated shimmer.

Whether you’re going for a subtle radiance or a vivacious va-va-va-voom, there’s no reason not to shine!

Here are some of my sparkle and shine designs:


img_1846 img_1492 img_1040 img_0676 img_0195



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Selecting Gemstones

Color is a very important factor in choosing your gemstone jewelry. While each gemstone emanates various types of energy, the color of the stone also carries an energy of its own. Combining stones and colors for their energies can be fun and rewarding. Find the combinations that resonate best with your mood and intention for the day.

Red gemstones can be used to strengthen the body, promote will power and courage. Wear red gemstone jewelry to stimulate vitality and energy.

Pink gemstones can be used to promote love and self-esteem. Wear pink gemstone beads to welcome joy and beauty.

Wear orange gemstones to stimulate creativity, mental quickness and an ability to adjust to changes. Wearing orange during times of stress can help to balance your emotions.

Wear green when you want to appreciate nature’s abundance. Green says growth – balance – harmony. It is a color of health and well-being.

Wear blue gemstones for a stable, calm feeling. All shades of blue will help to make easier communications, whether it is with yourself or others. Blue symbolizes peace.

Purple symbolizes royalty, magic and mystery. Purple is the color for people seeking spiritual fulfillment, used for meditation and to sharpen psychic awareness, connection with higher self, and to increase imagination and inspiration.

Black is used to make a bold statement of mystery. Black stones have protective energies.

So what stone should you select? Even though you might not have a conscious knowledge of the meaning, you will likely intuitively select stones that will have a positive healing effect for you.

You can find my creations at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC or at The Enchanted World Emporium, 8 Main Street, East Hampton, NY: 631-324-7695.

Photos courtesy of Monte Farber.

photo full moon IMG_7959 IMG_6786 amyzernerdeck

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Blue Moon Intention Ritual

Make that change!
Use at least three stones or crystals to form a triangle on the ground large enough for you to sit within it cross-legged. Hold a small drum, rattle or other percussion instrument which represents woman’s inseparable connection to the rhythms of Life. Breathe deeply as you visualize new and exciting changes entering your life and your triangle of power with every inhalation. With every exhalation imagine the old and outdated leaving you and your triangle. Strike your drum or shake your rattle as you recite the following words:

Goddess of the New

Goddess of all Change

Help my situation

Watch it re-arrange

Keep reciting these words in time to the drum until you lose yourself in the chant. You will find that when you have stopped dwelling on your situation you will be struck with a new idea on how to proceed. Move eleven things in your home that you have not moved in a year. Give away eleven articles of clothing you have not worn in a year. You will encounter unexpected, positive results from your efforts to change your life.
(C) Amy Zerner & Monte Farber from Goddess, Guide Me!

Amy Zerner Blue Full Moon Earrings available herefull moon

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Wearable Words

Slogan t-shirts have been around since the 1960s. I remember the designer ‪Howard Gossage designed sweatshirts with the faces of famous classical composers. And so was born the famous Beethoven Sweatshirt fad. One of my first jobs was painting T-shirts in 1972 with psychedelic words and images. Vivienne Westwood made T-shirts punk in the late ’70s. The ’80s had slogans to convey a heart and a cause. And the ’90s and early 2000s were all about branding.

The trend of words adorning everything from handbags to jewelry continues into spring and summer 2015. Wear what you believe in and say say it loud and clear. The message can be witty, spiritual or political, and the key is: the more interesting and wise, the better. From odd messages and slogans, to attitude-filled comments and clever word-plays, wearing a bold statement, a lettered article of clothing is a great conversation starter.

The slogans can be motivating or ironic, some are there for novelty and to grab attention. Depends on what mood you are in that day. One of my favorite quotes is from Oscar Wilde: “One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.” I designed my “Work of Art” necklace so this quote could be in a cool, wearable form.


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I just completed this special commission tapestry for one of my favorite collectors. She is in the process of transitioning to the other side and she is a true inspiration, handling her situation with such spiritual grace and dignity. I was honored and very touched to create this piece and so pleased that she loves it – it has a beautiful, feminine energy, while so strong and solid, grounding and universal. Beauty as Balance. It truly has been a joy creating pieces for and with her. Her special commissions have always propelled me into new creative territory and she has been a dear friend as well as a patron of my art. She knows it it the last piece I will make for her (she has a collection of 20 of my garments & tapestries). She requested that the image include sacred geometry, the flower of life, circles, spirals, purples,golds, pinks, and greens, and a lot of white. She wants it to be titled “Enlightenment”.

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Brigit’s Day 2015

February 2 is Candlemas or Brigit’s Day. It is a fire festival. The Celtic Goddess Brigit, is a deity of fire and fertility. She is also the Goddess of Communication. This celebration reminds us that spring is coming soon, and that we only have a few more weeks of winter to go. The sun gets a little brighter…here is a ritual and a tapestry I created for BRIGIT from our oracle book “Goddess, Guide Me!”. Enjoy!


In order to remain flexible, or when you must chose from two or more courses of action, this ritual will allow you to be comfortable with your indecision and to seek inspiration from other sources. Let Mother Nature, the most widely known aspect of The Great Goddess, take a hand.

Select two ribbons of different colors to represent your two courses of action stretching out into time and write the choices upon them. Tie them to a tree branch, symbol of the Sacred Grove of The Goddess and recite the following incantation three times as you do so:

I take these ribbons

And tie them to a tree.

Which ever way the wind blows

Reveals my path to me.

In a few days, return to the tree and check the ribbons. As you approach the ribbons, take careful note if the condition of the words written upon them has changed or if their position has changed. The ribbon whose words are clearer to you is the one to make. If there is no change then postpone your decision. Stay flexible.

Check out our oracle kit “Goddesss, Guide Me here:

Brigit 1991 27" x 45"-1

Art & words (c) Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

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WINTER SOLSTICE: Sunday, December 21, 2014 at 6:03 PM EST

Winter Solstice is of course, the longest night and shortest day of the year. Solstice in Latin actually means “The Sun Stands Still.” And so it is — the Sun has stopped retreating but hasn’t yet begun to come back. As I’ve discovered more about the Winter Solstice, I’ve learned that different cultures around the world have honored the Sun and its rebirth.
For instance in India, Pongol is the Hindu Solstice celebration. The Hopi Indians have a ritual where they light fires to energize and entice the safe return of “The Light.” In Japan, Winter Solstice is a time when the Sun Goddess Amaterasu would come out of her cave. Hanukkah actually means “Festival of Lights.” And Christians around the world celebrate Christmas, a time when the Christ child brings back light and a renewal of hope to the world.

Today, many people celebrate the holidays of the season — Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa — without thinking about their Winter Solstice origins. In fact, most of the holiday customs and traditions of December — miraculous events, giving gifts, celebrating with family, decorating with lights, pine cones, Yule logs, even the colors white, red and green — are actually connected to ancient Winter Solstice celebrations.

We like to say a special prayer to “Welcome the Return of Light.” It goes like this:

May darkness give way to Light.

We are awake within the Night.

Turn the Wheel to bring the Light.

With the powers of Fire, Air, Water and Earth,

we welcome the Light.

Strengthen our hope.

Fill us with Peace.

Each flame is a reminder of the Life force.

photo & words (c) Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

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